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CMO v CIO, with IT in the middle

A couple of documents that came my way this week seem to foreshadow some pretty seismic shifts in the way IT resources are procured and managed in large organisations.

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It’s time to converge, and to share

Earlier this year, in a post titled Convergence? You ain't seen nothing yet, I commented on a press release from Frost & Sullivan that identified four types of convergence — products, technologies, industries and competition.

Concerns About Cloud Security Overblown

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced publication of a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit that it has sponsored, with the headline: Next Generation Cloud Study Reveals Vast Majority Of IT Leaders Concerned With Security And Privacy Of Data For Cloud Implementations.

IT Strategy: Theory Versus Practice

These are challenging times for CIOs and IT departments, and I suspect few would disagree with the following summary of the current situation

On Clouds, Blue Sky and Crystal Balls

Gartner's annual CIO survey is an ambitious exercise. For the 2015 edition, Gartner grilled 2,800 CIOs who between them accounted for $US397 billion of IT spend and $US202.5 billion of infrastructure and operations (I&O) spend (it did not elaborate on the distinction).

Cloud Now the Board's Business

Most people in IT are probably familiar with the Gartner Hype Cycle. It is a model that can be applied to the maturation of almost any new technology. There is technology trigger leading to a peak of inflated expectations, a trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment and finally a plateau of productivity.

What is an Enterprise Social Network?

Collaboration is a confusing term in the context of the tools used to facilitate the same in the workplace. It embraces all the tools gathered under the umbrella term "unified communications" and considerably more. Increasing these additional components are the same or similar to those that now have wide acceptance among individuals.

Feel Like an IT Spending Spree? Here Are Some Suggestions

The Techrepublic web site recently carried a list of "10 smart ways to spend the last of your 2014 tech budget." Clearly, it's a bit out of whack with the Australian financial year, but if you were to retitle it as "10 things to spend money on that might not seem like high priorities but could pay substantial dividends," the list becomes quite useful.


In Search of Elusive Cloud Profits

Journalists and contributors to major news outlets don't get to write headlines - that's the job of sub editors, a threatened species in today's embattled media industry. Occasionally sub editors get it wrong, as with this piece in the Business Review section of the Australian.


Gimme Cloud, Gimme Bandwidth, Gimme...

If the FTTH Council was conscious of the irony in linking the announcement of its annual 'Gimme Fibre' day to a workshop in Australia - a nation governed by a party that has, of course, abandoned the previous government's plan to do just that - it did not show it.


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