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Gone are the days when managed services amounted to a periodic support call and quick fixes. At Axelera, managed services are proactive, collaborative and all about establishing effective strategies for your business.

Managed Services are a core function for our team which has a focus on some select but critical aspects -

  • providing simple yet time and cost efficient solutions
  • guiding you through the best course of action
  • achieving your desired level of customisation
  • supporting you with prompt, pro-active and personal customer service

Our Managed Services

  • monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure
  • provide alerts to avert potential problems
  • distribute resources to cater for changing workloads
  • and provide regular data and statistics to support your business activities

Combined with Managed Cloud, Managed Services will quickly confirm its value to your operations.  Outsourcing will no longer be a burden and instead be a strategic move in the growth of your business.

Find out more about our Service Levels below and find the right fit for your workloads.


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