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Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud is the answer to business mobility, infrastructure flexibility, high availability, cost reductions and a disaster recovery plan.  Axelera maintains and manages the infrastructure which is critical to keeping your core business operating at optimum levels.

Business is operating in an increasingly competitive environment.  To get ahead and stay in the lead, business needs to focus on its strengths, with technology playing a major part in the business strategy.

Your IT professionals should be working to align technology with your business goals. If you have a problem with the electricity or plumbing in your office, chances are you don’t have an electrician or plumber on staff, so you outsource the problem solving and maintenance to someone whose business it is to look after the wires and pipes.

If you want to move to the cloud, it makes sense to do the same for your IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing opens up more options for your business such as mobility, flexibility, around the clock availability, cost reductions and managed disaster recovery.  But it takes resources and know-how.

Managed cloud is the answer. 

There is no need for dedicated resources in-house and the Axelera team have the knowledge and expertise to keep your business operational 24 x 7, by hosting, managing and maintaining your virtual machines, backups, upgrades, monitoring and reporting - all the mechanics.

There is a choice of Cloud to suit your type of business.  All infrastructure and support is local.  A single subscription fee with added security.  Making the change to managed cloud is as simple as getting started.

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