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Customer Rights and Responsibilities

Date Published: 9 May 2013

Axelera will make available virtual servers and in some cases services within these servers to Customer as per our master Terms of Service.

In order for Customer to be entitled to the benefits of these services, Customer must fully adhere to the terms of the above documents as well as the responsibilities and procedures listed in this document.

  • Customer is required to consult with us before updating or significantly changing the application environment of managed servers.
  • Customer is required to react in a timely and appropriate manner to reports, warnings or alerts from Axelera staff or systems.
  • Customer is required to only use the prescribed contact methods to contact Axelera staff. Direct phone contact to Axelera staff is strictly limited to pre-approved situations or within one hour of a previous direct contact in relation to a specific incident.
  • Customer is entitled to request and receive support from Axelera engineers as per selected service level. The specific actions Axelera will take in each case will be at our discretion and on a best effort basis. Where Axelera engineers consider the required action to involve a risk to the Customer service, Axelera may require Customer to sign off on a risk acknowledgement notice, regardless of the urgency of the case or possible loss as a result of the delay caused by this process.
  • Customer is entitled to expect Axelera virtual servers to be operating and available as per SLA level chosen. No such performance guarantees are provided for the software running inside these servers, regardless of the management level chosen. Axelera provides a best effort service using our internal engineering resources, we do not guarantee that we can carry out or fix any particular issue within any timeframe.
  • Customer is solely responsible for identifying critical components of their systems and ensuring they have the appropriate expertise required to maintain these.
  • Customer is required to notify Axelera as soon as practical if Customer becomes aware of a new risk to the Customer system. This includes threats from third parties or from disgruntled employees.
  • Customer is required to ensure that the list of people authorised to contact Axelera on behalf of Customer is maintained up to date and that only people on this list do contact Axelera.
  • Customer is required to ensure all software installed on Axelera hosted servers is fully licensed. Where licences are provided by Axelera, Customer must ensure that Axelera is notified of any changes to the number of users or other relevant changes.

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