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Have you heard of all the benefits of Cloud Computing, and are interested on how it can benefit your business? Have you started implementing a Cloud-based solution and don’t seem to be realizing the benefits you hoped? Have you found the perfect Cloud solution, and need assistance deriving the value you envision? Axelera believe that the Cloud has something to benefit every business and no matter where you are in your IT lifecycle, Axelera can help you work out the what, how and when of your Cloud adoption.

As a well established supplier of hosted and Cloud solutions, Axelera can help you understand how the value of Cloud can drive the objectives of your business. Our team of consultants and engineers can provide the expertise of delivering for a variety of business to your unique needs. Our experience in delivering business value through technology, while avoiding technical jargon, provides a streamlined path to achieving your business objectives.

Cloud Solution Design

Axelera can help you assemble the immense variety of Cloud options into a cohesive strategy and architect a solution to fit your business need. From assessing workload, monitoring performance to designing elastic automation, Axelera takes the journey with you, proactively enhancing the solutions to keep aligned with your desired business outcomes.

One of the great benefits of the Cloud is the reduced contractual commitment, providing the freedom to trial new services and see what works best for you. It becomes very easy to spend all of your time researching, testing and piloting if the long term goal is not clear. Axelera can help define the roadmap and help anticipate speed-bumps, pot-holes and short-cuts that get you to your destination faster and safer.

Cloud Deployment

While Cloud services can be turned on in a very short time frame, your organisation may need more time and effort to be able to fully utilise the benefits of the new solution. Axelera can assist with having the right services enabled at the right time to gain the best advantage of the services. Axelera’s Proactive Managed Services monitor and optimise the services for you, to make sure that your investment in Cloud is delivering the highest value possible for your business.

Leveraging your Axelera Cloud Solution Design, your deployment strategy will align with delivering business value as incrementally as possible, giving you the opportunity to derive benefit from the new services as soon as possible. Axelera will travel with you through the entire journey to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and benefit realised.

Cloud Migration

With so much focus on reduced monthly costs of Cloud Solutions, the cost of getting then enabled. With years of experience and a kit-bag of tools, Axelera can provide an indication of costs before the journey is commenced, and then assist with keeping the process on track. Our Project Management practices identify constraints and possible variations early, giving an opportunity to validate the broader value and cost implications.

Keeping you productive during the process is key. It’s going to be hard to derive value from the Cloud if your business has to stop while you move across. There is almost always a way to transition with minimal down-time, or a way to run systems in parallel, to give your team an opportunity to adapt. The Organisational Change Management elements should also not be overlooked, as adjustments to work practices can be very disruptive. Axelera can help with engagement and establishing the benefits that should be communicated around the new services.

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