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Connectivity Terms of Service

Date Published: 9th September 2014

The terms listed in this document are in addition to the general Axelera Terms of Service as listed at: Terms of Service

A connectivity service is provided with either a 12 month or a 24 month minimum term as selected by Customer when placing the order.

Once service is activated, early termination of this agreement by Customer for any reason can only be actioned by paying all remaining monthly fees.

Cancellation of an order prior to service activation will incur a $1,000 fee, this is in addition to any setup fees payable for the service.

Service activation is deemed to occur once the required equipment has been installed on customer premise and Axelera has successfully connected to this equipment through the supplied connection. Fees become payable for the service regardless of any further configuration and physical connection requirements needed by customer in order to make use of the connectivity service.

The connectivity service requires the placing of network equipment at Customer premises. Customer is required to provide appropriate space, power supply and protected environment for the equipment. Customer accepts full liability for any damaged, lost or stolen equipment placed within Customer premises. Customer is also required to provide Axelera or 3rd party personnel access to equipment in order to carry out any required maintenance.

Axelera connectivity services are covered by the following SLA terms:

Service availabilty target is 99.5% of each calendar month. If service is available for less than the target, Customer is entitled to a credit equivalent to 25% of the monthly fee applicable to the service. Any interruption to the service is deemed to start once Customer has notified Axelera of the interruption.

The availability guarantee does not apply to any interruptions during our standard scheduled maintenance window which is every week from Thursday at 22:00 to 02:00 Friday AEST, or to any other maintenance periods where we have provided at least 12 hours advance notice. Maintenance periods will never be scheduled within 08:00 to 22:00 Monday to Fridays.

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