Cloud Infrastructure

As a progressive company which responds to changing market trends, Axelera goes beyond providing simple Infrastructure as-a-Service.

Instead we offer a wide range of IT solutions to address the challenges faced by Australian business today.  Cost efficiencies, support for a mobile workforce and continued growth are critical factors necessary to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Cloud computing is the here and now and key to your future position in the market.  Your geographic location becomes irrelevant, reliable continuous operations and complete security are a reality.

The Axelera team works with best-of-breed technology and resources to support your business 24 x 7 giving you peace of mind and the means to concentrate on innovation.

Infrastructure as-a-Service

A combination of hardware, servers, storage, software and networks expertly managed and maintained by a specialist cloud services provider is Infrastructure as-a-Service - IaaS.

IaaS environments are versatile and flexible where scalable resources and levels of management are key to performance. The bonus with IaaS - you only pay for the services consumed, eliminating concerns about initial investment and capital expenditure.

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Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud is the answer to business mobility, infrastructure flexibility, high availability, cost reductions and a disaster recovery plan.  Axelera maintains and manages the infrastructure which is critical to keeping your core business operating at optimum levels.

Business is operating in an increasingly competitive environment.  To get ahead and stay in the lead, business needs to focus on its strengths, with technology playing a major part in the business strategy.

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Managed Azure™

Microsoft Azure™ is a collection of integrated services - compute, storage, data, networking and apps.  To put it simply, it is a combination of managed and unmanaged services enabling your team to build, deploy and manage applications any way they like.

Axelera provides the “management layer”, providing round the clock support, ensuring optimisation and providing access to Azure Pack, as well as monitoring performance.

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