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Cloud Computing: A Rapidly Maturing Movement

If your workplace has seen the cloud as a buzzword, expect to see it change from a differentiating term to simply being the way many businesses operate.

According to a new survey, cloud computing is evolving as the accepted platform for many business applications and services.

Environmentally Friendly Cloud Computing

Power consumption by computers and related equipment is growing rapidly. It now makes both environmental and financial sense to look at reducing power consumption wherever possible.


Flexibility and Simplicity Drive Take-up of Cloud Services

What are the benefits of the business cloud?

The benefits of cloud computing can be instant for companies where time and money has previously been spent rolling out on-premise software. Once a cloud environment has been setup, adding or changing all sorts of resources becomes a non-event.


Melbourne Region now available

In addition to our 2 existing availability zones in Sydney, customers can now provision virtual machines in our Melbourne region for full geographical redundancy

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Multiple SLA options now available

Customers can now select the SLA level they require for their infrastructure, ranging from 99.5% to 99.95%

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Hybrid Private Clouds now available

Customers can now create a private cloud of resources that includes a BitCloud hosted segment as well as the customer's existing office network via highly secure MPLS or EOIP technology.

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