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Getting the Right Fit Hybrid Cloud

The team at BitCloud knows what is required in the planning and implementation of the right cloud solution. 

In fact, we know its not much different than getting the right fit for a power suit - right from the start.

Australian Business Discovers the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud adoption in the Australian marketplace continues to evolve. Larger companies and a few government entities are now confidently moving to private cloud environments when not long ago the cloud represented a major leap of faith in technology.


Hybrid: The Best of Both Worlds

Could 2013 be the Year of the Cloud?

There is a real opportunity to explore the latest trend in cloud solutions. Read more on ARN's Hybrid Heaven by Patrick Budmar


Hybrid Cloud Takes Centre Stage in Australian IT Operations

IT industry pundits around the world are confident that cloud computing will finally gain greater acceptance.

This trend particularly by companies whose IT infrastructure cost continues to skyrocket out of control.


Small Business Digs Cloud Computing: A Business at a Time

In Australia, Small Business is considered the backbone of the Australian economy.

With the rollout of the NBN and the increasing focus on small to medium size business to do more with less, the business cloud or any form of cloud computing is the obvious choice in the market.


Best to Think Outside the Square than Out-of-the-Box

In many ways for a startup or a growing company, cloud computing is the key technology to breakthrough and emerge on the winner's circle. 


The Business Cloud Goes Mobile

Mobile web access has been one of the great growth areas of the modern internet and mobile cloud technology could see small to medium size businesses taking advantage of this movement.

The biggest web players are focused on providing more mobile engagement for customers and figures from the ABS show Australian consumers are part of their target market.


Top Global Businesses with their Heads in the Cloud

According to recent research conducted by Microsoft, paid cloud services are expected to double in the next five years and the number of the world’s smallest companies adopting cloud hosting is forecast to triple.


Testing and the Business Cloud

What are the business cloud's biggest benefits?

Companies that once had huge financial barriers between their business and its next phase can now move quickly on great ideas. In the area of application development and testing, cloud servers have become imperative to many companies’ testing processes.