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Hybrid Cloud Technology — Why You Will Need It

Cloud computing is all the rage now. From a sea of buzzwords, are you familiar with “hybrid cloud” and how this model might benefit your business?


What Should You Ask When Migrating Your Applications to the Cloud?

So, you’ve decided that for various business reasons, such as cost savings and ability to respond to peak seasonal transaction loads, you are going to migrate critical business applications from your in-house data centre to a specialist Cloud hosting service.


The Maturity of Your Cloud Strategy Can Really Make A Difference

In a recent survey by Rightscale, it has become increasingly clear that cloud adoption is the flavour of the year and all cloud service providers would not have it any other way.

The report defines three types of cloud adopters: cloud beginners, cloud explorers and cloud focused. Which one would best describe your IT blueprint or strategy?


Is Australia Ready to Move Away from Traditional IT?

As found recently on ARN July 2013 issue, the cloud continues to grow on Australian businesses and this represents opportunities for cloud service providers and cloud resellers alike. 

One question remains though: are Australian business models really ready to part ways with their tradtional IT?


Unintended Consequences - Article on Cloud Computing - CRN June 2013

In a recent article published in the June issue of CRN Magazine, Andrew Birmingham writes about the unintended consequences of changes to corporate IT strategy and its positive effect on the cloud computing industry.


UNIFY's CISA Group and BitCloud Join Forces

UNIFY Solutions' Cloud Identity Synchronisation and Access (CISA) Group and BitCloud announced joining forces to establish the future of Identity as a Service.


Lifting the EOFY Load: Managed Cloud Services

As the race to the end of financial year heats up, IT managers around Australia are running around desperately seeking for answers to questions coming from the top.

--Can that hardware upgrade wait until next year?

--How can we minimise costs and increase mobility?

--Can you trust new technology?


Cloud Servers: Set and Forget or a Fully Managed Solution

Cloud servers continue to make the cut as a preferred tool to reach critical and key business strategies.


Top 5 Reasons Why the Managed Cloud is Ideal for the Australian Mid-Market

Whether private or hybrid, the uptake of the cloud in the Australian mid-market is dependent on the level of understanding of cloud computing as well as the state of the ever-shrinking IT budgets.


Is Australian Business Ready for Collaboration in the Cloud?

As Australian businesses dip their toes into the pool of benefits attributed to cloud computing, a questions remains: are we ready for collaboration in the cloud?

Cloud solutions for business are not only changing the way internal communications take place but also the way business partnerships reach their desired goals.