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The Future of Australian Business is in the Cloud

While the number of large Australian companies that integrated cloud computing rose exponentially in 2013, the rate of adoption among small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) is a bit slower, but still on the upswing. What growth opportunities and competitive advantages do SMEs gain when they leverage the benefits of cloud computing?


How Green Is Your Cloud?

One vital aspect of Cloud computing is that it can be good for our environment, so much so that you should never overlook this aspect.

Be sure to make yourself aware of the potential environmental pros and cons of any Cloud solution you’re considering, and figure them into all your decisions for implementing and operating your Cloud deployments.


What to Expect in a Self-Service Cloud Portal

When any complex software moves from installation and testing into its operational phase, it should have its own software “portal” or “digital dashboard” so that it can be properly configured, monitored and managed.


Understanding and Managing Cloud Costs

One of the main reasons quoted for moving some or even all of your in-house computing to the Cloud is the potential for significant cost savings.

The pay-as-you-go model of Cloud computing has indeed enabled some organisations to make major savings, however some others have finished up with bills far higher than they expected.

Cloud On the Mainframe - a “Mythed” Opportunity?

Your intrepid reporter’s quarter-century career at IBM included working a lot with IBM mainframe systems, so he remains a keen follower of the mainframe’s ongoing popularity or otherwise, half a century after IBM’s 1964 release of the groundbreaking System/360 mainframe architecture.

Cloud Security Alliance Releases Software Defined Perimeter Framework Details

It’s not that in-house IT systems are always as secure as they should be, but there is growing concern that at the present stage of its evolution security in the cloud is weaker than on-premises security.

Cloud Security and Certifications

When it comes to security, cloud computing has always been scrutinised however as specified in a recent Gartner report, cloud-based security services will increase in 2014 due to adoptions by SMBs that lack the internal IT resources to combat threats.


Good News in the Cloud

Cloud computing is often the source of scandalous stories about less than trusted providers, data breaches and cloud outages.

It is however fair to report on the great goals companies are meeting and and exceeding based on IT performance and business growth.