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How Small Business Can Become 'Born Again' Cloud Business

There's no shortage of material singing the praises of cloud computing: its benefits are legion, and by now pretty well-known, but what perhaps has not had the emphasis it deserves is the disproportionate impact cloud has had on small businesses, and particularly on start-ups, compared to big business.


On the Importance of a Risk Mitigation Policy

There's no such thing as 100 percent security and any attempt to get near it will be very costly and frustrating. It's a case of diminishing returns. Ninety percent security can probably be achieved fairly cost effectively, but 99 percent will cost much, much more.


Government Cloud Policy: Red Tape, Sticks and Carrots

In the run-up to the last federal election the Coalition released a policy on cloud computing use by government agencies and accused the then Labor Government of "passivity and timidity" in getting Government agencies to take up cloud computing.

Are There Costs Lurking in the Cloud?

When you make the move to Cloud computing – widely regarded as a key way to reduce IT costs – and to avoid unnecessary expense, it is vital that you understand and manage the potential hidden costs.

Cloud computing certainly is not the panacea or “silver bullet” that will solve all of the IT department’s problems with ease.


Maintain Data Security and Sovereignty with the Australian Cloud

While some Australian business owners believe offshore servers offer cost savings, this decision is costly due to the data security and sovereignty risks associated with foreign cloud services. What are the advantages of keeping your data onshore by taking advantage Australian cloud services?