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About Us

Axelera is a company which has grown from very humble beginnings, think Apple or Harley Davidson, to be a real force providing cloud hosting services and managed solutions to a large and varied customer base.

The company has gone through a few iterations since 1995 when it started in the internet services industry providing hosting solutions.  With each stage has come progress, each building on the other in response to the changing needs of customers and anticipating technology developments.

Formerly BitCloud, the company expanded its product offering by adding a cloud server business.  With a lot of research and testing of new, specialised hardware and using the technical prowess and expertise gained from hosting services over 14 years, a highly advanced server platform was developed.  It is now one of the largest public clouds in the country, fully backed by our Sydney based 24 x 7 x 365 phone and email support.

All our infrastructure is located in Australia, along with our committed team of experts, technical and support professionals who are the backbone of our services.

Our customers value our approach to enterprise-grade cloud hosting, servers and storage: always flexible, scalable, affordable and proactively managed.

Security, reliability and performance are at the core of Axelera operations as we strive to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available, ensuring high security and performance.  We continuously work at enhancing our technological depth to provide you with only the best.

Managed Cloud is not just a problem solver.

It’s the core of an IT strategy, one which maximises efficiencies, minimises the required resources and enables you to become a fully digital enterprise, based on this the cost benefits of moving to cloud are easy to quantify and justify.

Axelera now provides Managed Services to complement and add value to Managed Cloud.  

These services monitor the performance of the applications and infrastructure, providing alerts to address problems before they occur.  Resources are redistributed to cater for varying workloads and regular data and statistics are provided to support a customer’s business activities.

Axelera commits to providing servers and services both shared and dedicated at a competitive price to remain at the forefront of cloud technology in Australia.  We expect to have a significant impact on the industry, providing better solutions and support into the future.

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